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Quieten is an independent, privately owned medicinal research company that specializes in finding vaccines for the world's most dangerous diseases.

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At Quieten, our technology and research is always leading the way.

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Clinical Trials

Patients and Researchers work together for the best treatments.

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We provide more than 500 + jobs for our community, Apply Today!

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Community Service

We work closely with our local community to make the world a better place.

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Dr. Steve Leeson

Cardiac Clinic, Primary Healthcare

Dr. Steve Leeson was born and raised in Chicago USA. He received a Doctorate of Chemistry from Pritzket School of Medicine.

Dr. Amanda Riss

Nueropharmacology, Primary Healthcare

Dr. Amanda Riss has a Doctorate of Pharmacology from the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her work includes ground breaking sciences.

Dr. Mick Harold

Sleep Clinic, Primary Healthcare

Dr. Mick Harold is an award winning Doctor with his work with sleep distress. He received a Doctorate of Science, specializing in Organic Chemistry from the University of Houston.

Dr. Harper Quinn

Clinical Research, Primary Healthcare

Dr. Harper Quinn recently joined our staff. Her knowledge of pharmacology research is key to keeping Quieten number one. Quinn received her doctoral degree from Harvard Medical School.

  • “When I think of the future, I think of Quieten.”

    Jenny Curetz

    Senior Director, Global Pharmacy

  • "The staff at Quieten Pharmaceuticals is excellent, from the managers, to the coordinators, to the people in the payroll department. They are always ready to help resolve any difficulties or problems you might be facing."

    Mike Jones

    Manager, Adexx Employment Services

  • "The thing I value the most about Quieten is their commitment to their patients."

    Dr. Robert Dunnan

    Senior Pharmaceutical Researcher

  • "I would be pleased to recommend Quieten Services to any potential client. Quieten has proven to be a valuable partner."

    Johnathon Briggs

    Administrative Director, River Rock Community Hospital

  • "Before my first clinical trial with Quieten I had no hope for a future. Quieten medicine has given me back my future."

    Caroline Forrest
    Caroline Forrest